Girls’ Day 2016

 Girls’ Day 2016

On "GirlsDay" 12 pupils of the Ursuline school, the Ursuline Secondary School and the Anton Bruckner Gymnasium informed about "typical" men's jobs at the company Gluth Systemtechnik GmbH in Straubing.

The day began with the welcome of our participants through the Managing Director Mr. Johannes Sigl. Then the girls were divided into groups and were in the production of the company Gluth the various professional fields industrial mechanics, industrial electronics and technical product designers know. The girls were able to manufacture different workpieces. By filing, drilling, grinding and soldering created with great attention to detail a shark bottle made of aluminum and an electric circuit in the form of a flashing heart. With our 3D CAD system they designed a construction drawing of a workpiece on the computer.

We hope that we could arouse or intensify the interest in technical jobs.

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